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Reaching Out
A Journal of Making Contact
Are you listening? Do you want to listen?
I have code numbers for free Audible editions of my anthology Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians, and you can "win" one while they last just by commenting here or e-mailing me ( No strings, just a hope that If you like it, or even if you don't, you leave a review however brief on Amazon or B&N or Goodreads. If anything could be better than reading Girl Fever, it's listening to Audible narrators Charity McGowen, Scarlett Day, and Chantel DuBois read it to you. Like short bedtime stories that can make you dream all night, or energy snacks that pack the punch of a banquet.
So do you want one? Comment or e-mail me ( and I'll get back to you with a code number and directions on how to use it.

Girl Fever_hi_res
I'm ashamed of how seldom I post here, and I know it doesn't help to share what I post elsewhere, but I'm going to do it anyway. (I do, though, try to keep up with the posts of other folks here, so there's that.)

I have the great good fortune to be posting on Lisabet Sarai"s Beyond Romance web site today, where she lets me rant (nothing new for me) about stereotyping erotica as trash, and hold forth about the greater potential for our genre. I call my post "Beyond Erotica," and even provide a link to a free story about lesbian Olympic figure skaters, though folks who read here may have seen it before, since it's on my own blog site.

Here's today's post on erotica in general:
And there's more!  I've been an uncharacteristically busy blogger, and today is my turn on Oh Get a Grip. The topic this time is phobias, and I contrive not to reveal any serious ones of my own by including an entire (quite short) story about a fictional character's rather mild phobia regarding insects. Check out my meandering thoughts and my fairly concise story "Stag Beetle" here:
I'm on the air again! (So to speak.) The second part of my interview with Dr. Dick is now online. As I recall, I said a great deal about writing and publishing and the community of readers and writers. Some of it may, in fact, be rather silly, so go listen before I hear it myself and realize what I should have said instead. Or possibly not have said at all.
I've been doing podcasts lately, and I've just listened to my interview with Dr. Dick (Richard Wagner) for his sex advice online radio program, now live with part 1, and part 2 will be coming along next week. Not exactly sex advice from me, but spicy talk, and information about writing sex, and an excerpt from a very hot story. Or a cool story, if that appeals to you more on a July day like this in New England. Either way, good sexy fun. And when I listened I discovered that it was even more fun that I'd remembered.
Sommer Marsden, one of my very favorite authors, is celebrating her ninth year as an erotica writer with a month-long blog-post-and-giveaway fiesta. For a chance to win two of my anthologies with stories in them Sommer, go now, today only (Saturday March 22) to her blog and comment to win my books, dangit! That also gets you a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card in a drawing at the end of the month.
Here's what I wrote for her blog. You'll have to go there to see what she wrote about me, and read a steamy excerpt from her story in one of my anthologies.
The only sight that lights me up more than Sommer Marsden’s name in a book is her name on an e-mail submission for one of my own anthologies. She’s probably the most prolific writer I know, with the most consistently terrific work.
I’ve been lucky enough to have stories from her in three of the books I’ve edited for Cleis Press: “Spitting Seeds” (watermelon seeds, that is) in Girl Crazy; “The Girl with the Betty Page Bangs” in Lesbian Lust; and both “An Hour” and “Heat Lightning” in Girl Fever. Yes, those are all lesbian-themed anthologies. Sommer can write any flavor of erotic pairings and make you love them, and her stories (and novels) are never repetitious. Quality, diversity, variety; a reader’s (and editor’s) dream.
I’m in awe of how much she’s accomplished in just nine years. We’re all lucky to have so much more to look forward to.
I’m offering two of those books, Girl Crazy and Girl Fever, for this drawing. But just to uphold the mean reputation of editors, and to tantalize you, the excerpt I’m sharing here is from the third book, Lesbian Lust.
The Princess’s Bride: Lesbian Fairy Tale Erotica
Editor: Sacchi Green
Publisher: Cleis Press
Deadline: July 1, 2014
Payment: $50-$100, depending on length, and 2 copies of the book
Word Count: 3000-6000
Fairy tales, legends, myths, with all those heroes who win the day and, of course, the girl—what’s up with that? Why can’t we have heroines who win each other? Let’s have stories of erotic romance and adventure with women who use their wits and/or weapons and come together in a blaze of passion.
Adaptations of traditional tales can work, but merely changing the gender of a character won’t be enough. Old stories updated to contemporary times would be all right. Original plots with a fairy tale sensibility are fine, and so is diversity of character, ethnicity, culture, and age. Did Scheherazade know a thousand and one more tales she told in the harem but never shared with the Sultan?
Witches and trolls and dragons are okay (make sure you know the difference between European dragons and the oriental breed) and they don’t necessarily need to be villains. Weddings aren’t required, and neither is Magic isn’t always required, as long as the writing has a fantasy lilt to it. Royal blood doesn’t much matter, and neither do actual weddings. A few humorous stories would be welcome, and even more so would be deeper explorations of universal themes. The old fairy tales were often many-layered, with a core of darkness.
Above all, there must be an intense relationship between two (or more) women, along with whatever degree and flavor of sex their story demands. Kink is fine, sweet is nice, noble self-restraint flaring into a blaze at last is dandy. Vivid settings and complex characters (even the villains, if possible) are also required. And if your story should hint slyly at a certain film with a tongue-in-cheek treatment of fantasy clichés, well, “As you wish.”
How to submit: Send your document (double-spaced, ½ inch paragraph indents) as an attachment in .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Include your name and contact information in both your email and your document.
Unpublished work preferred, but reprints will be considered (at a somewhat lower rate) so specify any previous publication. Send to Queries are welcome.
Will you folks forgive me for one more post about my Lambda Finalist anthology if I promise that my next post will be brand new call for submissions?

Cleis Press is offering to send out copies of Wild Girls, Wild Nights to folks with some interest in reviewing them. Let me know in comments if you're interested, or e-mail me:

And now I'm off to polish up my new CFS, for The Princess's Bride: Lesbian Fairy-Tale Erotica. Details in a day or two.
Check out the just-announced Lambda Award shortlist! I was almost afraid to look, but my wonderful writers in Wild Girls, Wild Nights got the recognition they deserved. I'm just the catalyst.
Today I’m blog-touring for Kristina Wright’s XOXO: Sweet and Sexy Romance, so head on over to to see how to enter the book giveaway, find out my views on short-short stories in general and these in particular, and read excerpts from several stories, including my own “Gargoyle Lovers.” (Book giveaway tip—you can enter by commenting here, but go check out my blog anyway.)

This must be my Audible week! (Can you hear me?) My Lethe Press collection A Ride to Remember is now available as an Audible book, and now I've heard that my Cleis Press anthology Wild Girls, Wild Nights is available for preorder as an Audible book as well. Noisy (or at least audible) sex is the best kind!
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